Thursday, May 22, 2014

El Ceviche Loco (Bell)


I've been eating a lot of seafood lately.  And not because I'm on the latest diet-craze or anything like that.  It had been so hot that nobody wanted to do any bit of cooking over a hot stove.  Can you blame us?  Besides, there are few things more refreshing for a meal than fixing up tostada after tostada of ceviche with a cold one to wash it down with.

Not wanting to drive too far for a simple meal, especially during rush hour, we agreed to hit up a fairly local "Mariscos" restaurant.

I had wanted to check out the goods at El Ceviche Loco for some time now.  So, considering they were still in business after all these years, boded well for us.

The menu is straight-forward with all the dishes you've come to expect from restaurants around here.

Aside from the usual assortment of sodas and aguas, you can also order beer.  Now, whether their liquor license permits it or not, I was allowed to purchase beer to-go.  Happily, I grabbed a couple of Tecates at $1.50 a pop.  Score?  Coming from someone that spends more than they should on craft beer, yes slam dunk!

 Wanting to try out a few items to better gauge our future interest in this place, we ordered a fish + shrimp ceviche, a couple of fish tacos and a couple of shrimp tacos.  The ceviche was one of the simpler ones I've had lately.  There was no ginger in the marinade, no chipotle in a sauce, no peanuts, no strawberries, no mango,...etc.  Just a traditional well-made ceviche.  The ceviche, alone, is enough to return.  Not great, but really good.  It hit the spot.

 The tacos, on the other hand, were not the business.  First of all, the good;  the tacos were a pretty good size and the fish and shrimp portions were heavy as well.  Two or three of these might be enough to fill you up.  But along with the size, comes the price tag as well.  Although, these were some of the biggest fish and shrimp tacos I've had, they were also the priciest ($3.50).  I wouldn't have cared if the the tacos had been good, because again, they were filling, but the fact of the matter is, they were below average - to put it nicely.  For beginners, this was the first time I've had seafood tacos where the seafood was on a bed of rice.  I thought that was odd but I was open to it.  Ehh, it did nothing for the taco other than make it more filling I guess.  The glaring thing for me though, was their choice of seafood.  This wasn't freshly battered stuff.  It was reminiscent of cafeteria battered seafood or seafood you'd get off of a kids menu served with ketchup, of all things.  You know, the kind that comes out of a bag, already breaded and frozen?  Yeah, that stuff.  It turned me off.  Rice coupled with bagged pre-breaded seafood, topped with flavorless crema made for the worst fish and shrimp tacos I've had.  That being said, Leave the tacos, take the ceviche.


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