Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Stone Saison (Stone Brewing Co.)


Stones Saison?  Is this April's Fools?  

Stone-heads probably hate this offering.  TRUE craft beer aficionados probably dig this.

No, I sincerely doubt Stone is selling out and leaving behind their bitter grapefruit piney ales.  Their entire brand is synonymous with that style of beer and west coast IPAS.  It is their calling and niche in the craft beer game.  It's just good to mix it up a bit from time to time, however.  Here, we have a prime example of why they are not a one trick pony.

A saison brewed in true Stone fashion.  And a great one at that.  This saison offers more bite from hops than most saisons but it is a classic saison with banana and clove, nuanced  with lavender, lemon thyme and lemon peel.  Perfect for the summer months!  


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