Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Must (Los Angeles - Downtown)


The Must is back!

I was pretty excited for their return, but in the back of my mind, I was skeptical that my taste buds were still in tune to what I had liked about them years ago.

Their sangria had been tops for Lilly and I but we found it too sweet this time around.  Lilly ordered the white version this time and I opted for a beer.  Perhaps, she should have ordered the red sangria, which is thee sangria to get here.  I don't know that we will ever know, though, as the food did not meet expectations.  But more on that to come.  I enjoyed my 1/2 pint of beer.  I'm quite glad when I have the option to downsize drinks.  It just means I can try more of 'em! ;)

Initially, I had wanted to try Manzanita's Smoked Rye Chili Ale but they were out.  I settled for Scaldis Peche Mel.  A touch sweet but otherwise chock-full of peach flavor.  

We came by for a few drinks and plates of food and since Lilly offered to treat, I happily accepted whatever plates of food appeared before us.  The thing is, nothing really satisfied like it had done before at their old location. She ordered Hot & Sour Handcut Shoestring Fries w/red wine vinegar reduction, grey salt, parsley & chili.  There was nothing hot or sour about these things.  They were crisp but that was all they had going for them.  They were barely seasoned and most of these fries were half an inch long. Were these fries and omen of things to come?? 

Answer to come.

For now, before I forget, do not order or buy this Stiegl Grapefruit Radler.  It's just awful.  Luckily I didn't have to pay for this thing but I actually had a chance to sample it elsewhere at a tasting and man, let me tell you, it's sweet and fizzy as hell. No way would I consider this beer.  It's low in alcohol and reminiscent of an overly carbonated Pellegrino with added sugar.  Just plain nasty.  Moving on...

A decent dish we had was their mac n cheese with Goldfish crumb topping.  It needed more, however.  It came off to me as a kids menu dish. I could have used some ham, bacon, peas,...etc.  It was missing something else.  It got boring quick.

I contemplated getting another drink but I didn't like where this meal was going so I passed.

Our last hope was entrusted in their "Sea Monster."  It's a cornmeal muffin stuffed with saucy seared shrimp etouffee.  A staple dish in New Orleans, this dish was a total embarrassment.  Overcooked shrimp, meek flavored broth and a cornmeal muffin devoid of sweet corn flavor.  An absolute travesty.

Nice knowing you, Must.  I wish we never cross paths again.  Unfortunately, your memory is forever tarnished.

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